Episode 30 - Arizona

The desert of Arizona is about to get Triple F’d! The squad cracks open some Four Peaks Peach Golden Ale and saddles up for some rowdy stories. Peirce...View Details

Episode 29 - Oklahoma

Out of the fire and into the pan.. handle… of Oklahoma… Sure, that works! Join the Triple F’d team in Oklahoma. Josh kicks it off the stories by intro...View Details

Episode 28 - Vermont

Heyo! Send it back east with the guys at Triple F’d! They cover the smaller state of Vermont with some juicy stories. Zak finally kicks off the storie...View Details

Episode 27 - Wyoming

Heading back to the midwest, the Triple F’d team takes their shenanigans to Wyoming! The guys pop into  some Wyoming Whiskey, an 88 proof bourbon fill...View Details

Episode 26 - Louisiana

Welcome to the south! This episode, the team at Triple F'd tackles the history-rich state of Louisiana. The export of hard liquor, however, is apparen...View Details

The team at Triple F'd gives a humor-enriched dose of Coronavirus updates and cautions with an extra dose of tomfoolery! Slice up some limes and saddl...View Details

Look out Utah, we're back for Part Two of our Mid Season special covering the mysterious Skinwalker Ranch. Strap back in, pour up another glass, and p...View Details

Skinwalker Ranch, baby! This episode, the Triple F’d team celebrates the halfway mark for this season with a collaborative special. The entire staff w...View Details

Episode 24 - Tennessee

Heyo! Are you from Tennessee? Cause you're the only ten we see... from our audio show... The guys at Triple F'd send it to Tennessee to cover some fun...View Details

Episode 23 - Oregon

This episode, Oregon gets Triple F'd, with the guys popping open a bottle of Oregon Spirits Straight American Bourbon Whiskey, out of Bend, Oregon. Da...View Details

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